In Talamanca, the poorest region of Costa Rica, the percentage is far less: hardly anyone owns a vehicle. But most folks in this region don’t really need one. Everything is so close.

Bicycles, however, are indispensable! Owning a bike opens a world of possibilities, similar to owning a car in the US: Job opportunities, educational opportunities, and all kinds of freedoms.  Over the years, El Puente has become known as a donation center for bikes. Tourists often buy a bike when they come here, and some of them will drop it off at El Puente as a donation when they leave. 

In August we received donations of 3 bikes! One of them went to a young woman named Cris. At age 16 (same as Lucy), getting a bike of her own is a big moment! Cris wants you to know that she is “humbled and grateful” to receive this gift that brings with it new freedom and opportunity.  Many of the folks who come to El Puente live in the jungle reserve behind the property.  They can’t get a bike up the muddy trails to their house. El Puente serves as a place to lock up the bikes overnight, and then pick them up in the morning to get to work or school.  In August, we built a metal bike rack capable of storing 15 bikes. 

Your participation in El Puente opens opportunities for people like Cris! A donation of $20 can feed a family at the Saturday soup kitchen. A donation of $120 can buy a bike!

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