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Yes, Puerto Viejo is safe. There is petty crime, like anywhere else in the world. The town is small, all the locals know each other and no matter who you ask, they will tell you the same piece of advice, it is important to take cake of your belongings. Mainly when you are on the beach. Apply common sense when you’re in town, don’t go walking alone on the beach in poorly lit areas at night time and don’t leave your belongings unattended. Catch taxis late at nighttime if you are not staying right in the centre of town.

Like any coastal tourist town, you may find prices slightly elevated compared to the capital city, however it is a place we guarantee that you will fall in love with. It is one of the rare places in the world where you can go for a walk and find mangoes falling from trees and if you look up, you will see howler monkeys having a party in the trees. We believe that you will really enjoy your stay in the area.

Punta Uva Beach, Manzanillo-Gandoca National Park & Lookout, The Jaguar Rescue Centre, Ara Project, Soda Lidias Place, Restaurant Tamara, Luluberlu Art, Luna May, Casa de la Cultura, Cahuita National Park, Sloth Sanctuary and Waterfalls Dos Aguas.

Puerto Viejo and the surrounding area offers a variety of options to suit every budget. From fancy hotels, to nice and comfortable cabinas and hostels. We recommened Kan Wolaba Poshtel as a cabina style accommodation blended with a fancier hostel vibe and there second hostel Casa Wolaba.

The entire 12km stretch of lush tropical coastline leaves a lasting impression, with crystal clear waters. Playa Negra has shiny metallic black sand, Puerto Viejo town has the famous Chino Beach, we recommend renting bicycles from Puerto Viejo Bike Rentals

The best way to get around town and explore the 12km coast is by bicycle. We recommend going to Puerto Pirata Tiki Bar for a relaxing afternoon at sunset. Playa Cocles is the best place to learn how to surf or watch the surf. Playa Chiquita which means little beach in Spanish is a little off the beaten track and a peaceful spot with natural swimming pools and reef. Punta Uva is the best spot to rent a Kayak and go snorkelling, you can do a river to ocean tour on the Kayak and also go snorkeling off the kayak in the ocean. Manzanillo is the best place to go for a walk through the National Park and walk up to the scenic viewpoint which is inside the park.



The climate remains relatively consistent all year round hovering around 30°C (86°F) during the day and drops to around 21°C (70°F) at night. Its a rainforest, so expect some rain! But like any tropical climate the sun can come out around 10 mins after a heavy downpour. 2020 has been a very dry year though, without a lot of rain.

when the sun sets, a variety of restaurants and lively music venues abound.  Yoga and meditation studios are located through the area for those who are coming for a quieter experience. 

The dry season is generally the best time to come visit the area. Beginning mid February until May and then again from September right through to the end of October and start of November. If you come during rainy season, it is the perfect time to relax in your hammock with something to drink and a great book while listening to the soft sounds of the rain on your roof.

We guarantee you that you won’t be bored! There’s plenty to do, it is an incredibly unique place and some of the best things you can do are, visit the beaches, rafting, horse riding, surfing lessons, bike riding and scuba diving. There are many ecological excursions and tours that you can do while you are here some examples include a hike through the jungle to a beautiful waterfall where you can take a dip in crystal clear cool waters, or a visit the botanical garden in Playa Negra where you can see a whole lot of tropical flora and fauna.

There are many incredible restaurants with a blend of Latino and Afro-carribbean cuisines that don’t disappoint. For Caribbean food, we reccomend Sodia Lidias Place and restaurant Tamara. We recommend you visit Cocles beach on the weekends and buy lunch from Rasta Cris who owns the Take it Easy food cart. There are also restaurants with international foods like Chile Rojo and Monli, sports bars like Hot Rocks and Kayas Place and reggae roots bars like Puerto Pirata or Salsa Brava to drink a cocktail and watch the sunset.

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