Bridging Culture, Sharing Life

El Puente is a non-profit organization located in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica. Serving as a community resource center we offer the community access to resources including food, clothing and emergency funds. 

At El Puente, resources flow in both directions.


our mission

Mission & beliefs

“We do our best to be a bridge between ancient indigenous culture and the greater community of Talamanca.”

barry and nanci - el puente founders

el puente - the bridge between

Kekoldi Indigenous Reserve & Town

El Puente is situated right on the border between the Kekoldi Indigenous Reserve and the developing western world. We serve as a community resource center; to indigenous families, we offer access to resources including food, clothing, emergency funds, microfinance and educational opportunities. To visitors and tourists, the local community offers resources such as deep knowledge of local plants and wildlife, and an example of sustainable living practices. At El Puente, resources flow in both directions.


our vision

A world that works for EVERYONE!
A world that asks first,
"what would love do here?"

our values

We believe in human dignity, hospitality and hope for the future


our goals

We are dedicated to encouraging people to discover their own resources on their path toward self-sufficiency

make a difference

How You Can Help


Make a Donation

When you make a one time donation your funds go directly to supporting the community. With your support we buy food and school supplies for families. 



Monthly Sponsorship

With monthly sponsorship plans we are able to plan ahead and make commitments, empowering the local community toward independence and a raised standard of living.


Volunteer with Us

Work directly with us on-site. Immerse yourself in the culture and become part of our community and practice your bilingual skills. Contact us today to find out how you can get involved!

you are always welcome!

Come Visit us

An hour, a day, a week or a month.   

Whatever the length of your stay in Puerto Viejo, you are welcome to meet our community and experience our day to day here at El Puente. 

Join us for a bowl of soup, take part in arts and crafts and catch the spirit of cross-cultural unity that is alive in our small center.

Come and discover how it inspires you.

El Puente Celebrates Indigenous Day!

Watch the video to find out a bit about the 

Bri Bri culture & celebrations.