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What Is Our Mission?

El Puente provides a safe and welcoming space where all are treated with dignity, and are encouraged to discover and share their own resources.

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executive director speaks

On the concept of Regenerative Community Development

Find out more about our mission and values by getting to know a bit about regenerative community development.

What Do We Envision?

El Puente envisions a world that works for EVERYONE! A world where no one has to go to bed hungry or sleep out in the rain; where children don’t feel afraid; and where abuse is a thing of the past. 

We envision a world in which the definition of “resources” means more than just money. In which every person is understood to have inherent resources to offer and is worthy of dignity and respect. We hope to discover and develop these resources in others, and within ourselves.  

We imagine a world that asks first  “What would love do here?”


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Come Visit Us!

El Puente is a community environment in which human relationships and conversations reveal the incredible abilities, resources and potential hidden within each of us. 

You are also welcome at El Puente!  You are inherently valuable! And you, too, have something to offer in this world!  Come visit, have a bowl of soup, and see for yourself! Or alternatively donate to help keep El Puente empowering the local community.